LG G2 Sending to Device Help or Alternative Testing Method Plz


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Just getting started with Stencyl made myself a little android app and I just want to test it before I continue development. 

Windows 7
Verizon LG G2

I have the right version of Java and it's sdk.  I have the most up to date usb drivers.  I have no errors in building the app. It just sits on sending to device.

From what I read the only thing I haven't done is "disable usb mass storage" but that is because according to LG my device doesn't support that in the first place so there is nothing to turn off.

When I plug my phone in I have a few options "charge phone" "Media sync(MTP)" "Internet Connection" and "Camera (PTP)" haven't set it as an internet connection as I know that's not right and will cost me money.  All the other options don't work.

Any suggestions?

Alternatively is there anyway for me to just get the test file onto my device and install and run it that way? It will probably take longer but in the very likely chance Verizon puts something on it's devices to mess with me I would still like to be able to test my app.



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Not sure if you have solved this already..
I have LG G2 as well. Had the same problem until I changed USB connection to "LG Software".
That worked for me!