Flappy Si

Si Roberson is flapping through the air, tap the screen to keep him alive, and move through the Si's famous cup of sweet tea!


Hilarious art,
and endless hours of Si fun.


Si Robertson, Duck Dynasty, and all related insigna are trademarks of A&E ©2014. This game or

its producers are not in any way affiliated with A&E or any of the above listed.


Chief Developer-Eli Ward
Chief Artist-Hayden Kolb



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You are young, so it is understandable that you do not know much about plagiarism (I am not specifically saying that you are plagiarizing here). You just need to be extremely careful with using someone's likeness. A disclaimer about "property of blah blah blah" does not automatically give you the right to use it. Also, the leaf background looks like it was taken from a photo and given some cartoon tones. If it was someone else's photo and you took it off of the internet (or wherever), that is also considered stealing.

If you consider a tv show like south park as an example, showing the likeness of different personalities. You might think that you are allowed to do anything as long as you have a disclaimer. However, the south park team uses a ton of lawyers to read through scripts and many times goes to court for a judge's ruling on what exactly they are allowed to include before an episode is aired. Be aware that taking things from outside sources without explicit consent or proper law review can come back to bite you.


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I'd suggest avoiding celebrity games entirely as it's not worth the risk to your account.

On an unrelated note, the art needs improvement (especially the icon), and the buttons could be made much larger.