Does stencil support iOS 8,1,2?


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Hi all I've just upgraded to the new stencyl along with updating my mac and iPhone 6 to the latest software.

I created a "test" game as it says in the stencylpedia to try and get something on the device but it keep getting the error message

Device -> computer version mismatch.

The device is a iPhone 6 with iOS 8.1.2
Latest version of Xcode
Latest version of stencyl and Mac operating system.

I've managed to get one of the sample apps in Xcode onto the device and that works as intended but can't seem to get one to work through stencyl.

The certificates etc should be in order as I used them before in the old stencyl and on my iPhone 4.

Anyone got any ideas.

I've tried restoring back to iOS 8.0 with a ipsw file but had no luck doing so.


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Mind posting your logs?


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ooops  sorry forgot to add them


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Fixed it now.

I had to add the provisioning profile to the iPhone in Xcode under devices.