Feedback request for platformer controls


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Sorry if this is not the right forum for this kind of stuff (I'm new to Stencyl) but I've made a platformer demo over the holidays and would love to get some feedback.

The game doesn't have any objectives or challenges yet. It has only one scene to jump and run around. I've been trying to get the controls right and rushed some art in.

Anyway, if you have a minute or two to try it out and maybe comment on:

How does the gameplay (=controlling player) feel (heavy, light, too fast?)? You feel like you're in control? Does he jump when you try to? You fall a lot from ledges (and didn't intend to)? Do the damn slopes cause you problems? When jumping, do you land where you we're aiming to? Bugs, getting stuck or random super jumping?

The reason I'm asking you is that I'm already too blinded and numb to judge. I picked up Stencyl week ago and well.. been at it since then :) If I'll keep at this project, I really want the core stuff to be tight as possible.

Try it out:



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Hi Lihaluu,

You might want to make a game journal in that forum if you're still in dev (I did the same thing don't sweat it :) )

I really dig your project so far. The one thing that stands out is the jump feels floaty compared to the running.. kinda like swimming through peanut butter.. :)

The animation is really good on the guy and I dig the colors you used on the level tiles.
Best of luck on your future progress.


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Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it.

That's what the other testers said about jumping too :) I've fixed it (didn't upload) now.

Oh, and thanks for suggesting to move this to right forum. I'll probably post something later in Journals. I think I'm gonna go forward with this project.

Have a great new year's eve!