Offerwall/reward based adverting for mobile games ?


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Hi guys,

My apologies  If I have overlooked this being answered in any other threads, but I wonder if anyone has an eperience with integrating offerwalls (/offer walls)?

I am not really a developer, so reading, for example, this:    doesn't really help me:)

If this topic has not been covered yet, I would grately appreciate (detailed :))) advice on how to show an offer wall from a provider in a mobile game.  Believe this will be helpfull to all fellow (mobile) publishers.

Thanks a LOT in advance!


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It looks a bit confusing to me at first glance, but it can probably by done via a native extension.  I'm not volunteering though as I already have my own ad extension to support (Chartboost).


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Hi Rob,
Thank you for coming back anyway!

Is there anyone else who can volunteer to have a look?

In short - this is active user engagement  with the ads in your game: a fair trade when a player gets a reward (extra life / weapon/ level or whatever valuable items your game is offering) in exchange for watching a video commercial provided by a third party.

This potentially brings a higher revenue, especially for the starters like myself, rather than accidental banner clicks.

My daughter plays those kids games where for every bottle of some pet flea spray you are either paying real money or spend 10 secs watching a  video commercial... You dont want to know how many ads she has watched get that apparently precious spray:))

Thank you guys!!