Dynamic level editor (I post here too much)


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Thanks Justin!

I managed to exchange existing tile sets in your rpg example ;)  but i could not manage to import new ones and i have problems understanding the auto tile format (relating to the actual tiles) and defining which tiles I have.
Also, how do i link the auto tile lines in the gme.xml to the png's?
I really don’t know where to start.

Now comes the crazy part:
I would like to add a shadow on top of this and have from each tile 3 versions which are randomly picked to show some variation.
I try to achieve something like this:

With a tile set something like this:

I guess i am asking for too much without understanding it.
Thats why i would offer a payment but i am obviously also very thankful without.



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Hi Justin,

catching up on this and sorry to bother you.
I can't get one new tileset in. Not the simplest form.
Its above my skillset or i just don't get it ike described above.

My question: Will this be a regular feature soonish in a new Stencyl build and should i wait?
Otherwise i will ask around for help.



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Unfortunately I don't think I'll have time to put together an interface for it anytime soon.
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@Letmethink, any plans on sharing this on the forge :) ? It looks really useful, I would love to see the code in this.


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After I've updated my mobile game kit to work with my platformer starter kit, ill probably dive back into this system again. Ive made it work once before but never got to the point of creating an interface for it.