Publish-Stencyl menu options appear in grey and unable [SOLVED]


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I am working on my game and everything is right... except the publish-stencyl menu, which appears grey and unable.
I have saved and exported it, but cannot publish.

The game is not finished yet (no hurry) but I wished to know!  :-\

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Are you logged in inside Stencyl?


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Do you have any firewall preventing internet traffic activated? I had the same problem until I saw that Little Snitch Network Monitor was preventing Stencyl from accessing internet.


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Are you logged in inside Stencyl?
No, I wasn`t!
Sorry. I thought I was, but it was only on the website. Then I tried to download something from StencylForge to check what Today said about the firewall and the sign in message popped up.

I have published it at last!  :) It is here:

(so far you can only choose a card and then put it on the table by clicking on the owl)

Thank you very much!  :D