Ninja Ki Demo Stage 1


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you can play Ninja Ki demo here

Inspiration from ninja gaiden 3 razor edge and Dead ninja mortal shadow.
Slash your enemy using your ninja technique.

playing as kunoichi hiyori, she have a mission to take back the sacred scroll from Nobunaga.

Control :
- Arrow keys
-  Z = Jump
-   X = Slide
-  C = Slash
- Jump and then press C to use deadly technique eagle dive

Need your feed back, and idea for this game.
Still on progress and will be update soon
Hope you enjoy this demo game.

 thanks ^^


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Nice game, love your art .
I'm waitng your updte :)


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Excellent, excellent art; especially the trees. I wasted all of yesterday painting trees in a scene when I should have been working on game mechanics, but they're just so much fun yeah?
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Like everyone told you, good art :)

Now there are some littles bugs.
For example when you go to the right and you leave the screen but not enough to change scenes, and you try to go left it doesn't work.
When you slash an ennemy and there's a tree in the fore ground, you see the slash animation on the tree.
When you go back to the left, in the next scene you appear on the left of the screen instaed of the right.


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a lot has been mentioned already.
Some additional thoughts:
  • The sword of the player seems a bit short compared to the enemy ones. This seems to be a bit unfair and i think its difficult to hit right now (the body of the player is too close when attacking in my opinion)
  • small thing: A lot countries have the "z" and the "x" inverted on the keyboard which makes it a bit difficult to control

Keep it up!


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Thankyou for you response guys,

for range slash from player i think its fair, you dont need to worry about getting hit by enemy cz you getting damage only by enemy slash.
you dont get damage by touch enemy :)
to kill enemy faster you can use eagle dive (when on the air, press attack) :)

i'm still learning stencyl so this game will be improved X')
i have problem making combo attack ?
if you know tutorial for making that, please tell me.
Thankyou for support >o<


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off the top of my head, here's one way you could do a combo. have a "combo" number attribute. when you attack, if it's "0", just do the first attack in the combo, otherwise if it's 1, do the next attack in the combo, and so on.  Peforming a hit in the combo raises the number, and now you have a multi hit combo.

If no follow up attack is made within a certain time frame (tweak this so it feels right), or if the last hit in the combo is performed, set the attribute back to 0.


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Oh I get it now,
I will try it.
Thaks for your help :)
Do you know howto make swinging chracter like spiderman??


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honestly.. not really. XD
Do you know howto make swinging chracter like spiderman??

Honestly.. I'm not really sure. XD I think it's possible though, I just have never tried to do it.


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Haha ive tried many thing but failed XD
not like swinging XD