Android Billing - When a purchase succeeds event issues

I've followed all of the tutorials possible and searched the forum but only found 1 post with a similar problem and no answer.

In short:
  • I add an event "when a purchase succeeds - product ID".
  • I add a simple button that when pressed buys a product.
  • I press said button and the billing pop up works and I can go through and purchase the product
  • Once Google passes the user back to the app, nothing happens

However, if I add to the button press to "do after 1 seconds" "buy product" (essentially just running the same buy block again). Everything magically works and the user gets their product no issues at all.

Why will the purchase succeed event not fire when the user comes back from the purchase screen and why does it fire when you then buy the product for a second time?

If you want I can add examples but my code could not be more identical to this tutorial: - The only difference is I am triggering the "buy" from a button (actor that is created after getting the product info). Although I have tested with the EXACT code in the tutorial and it still doesn't seem to work.

Currently using build 8085.

I assumed I would be lucky to get a response from such a niche question but I've done some more testing with multiple version of Stencyl and cannot seem to get any of the purchase events to fire.

I'm also currently running the build from the downloads page (7994) just to make sure it was nothing in the latest releases.

I have added a simple product request to fire upon loading the scene and then have a Product Info Request Event - it simply does not fire, or I can't understand why it wont? Both events are in a scene behaviour if anyone knows if that matters?

The worst thing is, if I simply put all the code for getting the product info into the "when created" event it works like a charm, I get the title, the price, the description - anything I want.

At the very least could someone who has done this before on Android just let me know they have it working as it is in the tutorial ( as I'm really running out of options other than to put a horrible hack in there with a double buy and not using any of the nice built in events. And that just doesn't seem right.

I've attached my events just in case it helps to see what I've done.

I would be hugely grateful if anyone with literally any experience just let me know if the billing events work for them in their android app. I'm running out of ideas and patience and if I have confirmation that at least someone else has it working then I'll be able to narrow it down to being 'something' in my app at least.

If any admins etc see this you can literally type 'The events work for me'. I don't need any explanation as to why.

At the moment there seems to be zero support for this kind of thing which is rather disappointing to be honest as I'm only really looking for info, I don't need to you sit down for hours debugging anything, and surely if NO ONE has got the android events working for billing then why do they exist? I can't believe for a second there would have been a tutorial page written for something that doesn't work :)

Hi Rob, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.