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Hi,  i love stencyl ive been using it for a couple of years now and i'm almost finish with my first real game that i've been working on for 2 years now and i am almost at the publish/beta test phase and i look at the subscription plan choices and find it a bit choice less(not flexible).

Back in the 3.0 beta the subscription plans were more flexible and adequate  , you could choose individual platforms and it was really good for peoples that only needed 1 or 2 platform for example : only flash and android or only ios and flash etc.

i know that Jon deserve the money to have made this awesome software and putting everything for the studio version is still understandable and nice  but atleast if we were giving more choices so that an individual not a full team studio have a chance to develop and put funds in 1 or 2 platform if they happen to only work within android or just ios like myself i 've never touched ios and never will . it seems like a waste of money and counter productive to have access to everything but wont ever use it and or to subscribe for a year to publish 1 game,  i dont want to be forced to buy other platforms that i wont use.

In conclusion more choices the better and i'm sure i'm not the only one who think the same way, i  hope that jon revised the subscription plans to atleast keep it the way it is but to add in more individual options plans for one timers or very small projects that dosent require all the platforms or a year subscription.
Alternatively maybe you could add in half year subs ( 6 months )  with the same platform bundle as of the studio plan.

Anyways sorry about the wall of text but i had this in mind for a while now.

In hopes to have a responce from jon  ,Thank you
---Gabriel marin

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