Update from previous version to new version for Stencyl 3.2


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Just wondering if there are any recommendations when taking a Stencyl 3.1 project with the Dialog Extension and updating to the new version of Stencyl and the extension.

It seems that the dialog text is not stored in the same place. I've manually opened the old file and moved them across, but I'm not certain what settings and such I will have to locate and reset as well.




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I removed support for your own bitmap fonts in favor of Stencyl's bitmap font feature, so you'll need to import and set that up if you were using it.

dialog/images/*.png -> extras/[ext] dialog/images/*.png
dialog/dialog.txt -> extras/[ext] dialog/dialog.txt
dialog/macros.txt -> extras/[ext] dialog/macros.txt
Images used as window backgrounds -> extras/*.png

Then you can look at the property files in your old dialog folder (styles and windows) to set them up again in 3.2 using data structures. Many of the values should be the same or nearly the same.
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