Making offscreen actor active - kind of solved


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Hello Stencyl Forum,
I am making a simple platformer game and i have run into a problem.

Basically in my game i have enemies that move left and right,
to prevent them from falling off platforms I made 2 actors that look like tiles and put them on the corners of those platforms,
so that when the enemy collides with the left corner actor it starts moving right, and when it collides with the right corner it moves left.

The problem is that when one of this corner actors is offscreen the enemy will not change its direction as it should (falling off the platform).
I tried with the "make self always active" block but this way the corner actors begin to work correctly only after they've appeared on screen, is there a way to make these actor active even if they are offscreen?

Edit: kind of solved it in a really lazy way, i just moved the enemy on the furthermost corner of the platform, so that the enemy and the corner actor both appear on screen at the same time, becoming active at the same time.

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