What is correct admob pub-Id


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Curious as to what is the correct usage for the admob Publisher ID.  I filled out the information and received my key. (pub-XXXXXXXXXX).  When I enter it into stencyl, do I need to include the "pub-" part? or just the numbers?  Ive tried both ways and a ad does not come up. (Yes I am using the Show ad Block).  Any help on this topic would be appreciated.


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You need to include the 'pub'-part of the id. If you are using the build-in blocks, place the id of the AD in the properties (not the publisher id). So in Android and iOS side you need change it (if you have different ad-ids for each side).


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So where its asking in stencyl for "AdMob Publisher Id", your saying to put the AD id there instead? Also, everything on the iOS devices are working great, ads working, leaderboards working, achievements.  ( SOLVED)

But on the android side, when I log in, google play initializes, then the main menu comes up and the leader boards and achievements dont work.

 , and also as stated before, nor do the AdMob ads.  (SOLVED)

Below I have attached picture of how im using blocks in game to access both the leaderboards and the ads. 

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