Bitmap font errors


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@Jon: that's good news, thanks! :)

@replacing the PNG file: thanks for the tip! i will give that a try. but one question: if the scaling needs to be powwer of 2 than just replacing the images created by stencyl with the original image i imported for the font will not work, right? how did you exactly do that?


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It will still work, but it will offload the work to when the game is run - this isn't as efficient, which is why we save it out like that upfront.


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cool, thx! i would give it a try anyways ;)

hm... but i just added a new bitmap font i created to my project. and now there are no PNG files in the resources folder. only .fnt files. i mean, there are PNGs, but when i sort with "last modified" for today only those .fnt files show up...

update: i just triple checked. in the resources folder are no new images. after restarting stencyl, the font is also broken in the editor and looks like this:

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