Raspberry Pi 2 Support


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I have stencyl 3.2 running on my raspberry pi 2, it works at an acceptable speed. Testing and compiling games is the hurdle I currently have. I have obtained the arm binaries for haxe, and I have so far built the neko arm binaries. I can see that stencyl uses a folder called "plaf" to hold the binaries etc. I have copied the arm binaries into the appropriate places.

So far I think I just need to regenerate the haxelib files now I have the arm binaries to get rid of the errors written to the log.

I'm really close to the edge of my Linux abilities now and I wondered if Stencyl could produce an official version for the raspberry pi??


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Firstly, well done for having a go at this.

The Raspberry Pi is so phenomenally successful, that if Stencyl could run on it, it could provide a major boost.

They're currently selling 200,000 per month and increasing sales volume monthly.
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Hi waj2008
have you made any further progress on this since?
I think Raspberry Pi 2 support for stencyl is a great idea


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how'd you get it to run on Pi 2? Last I checked Stencyl doesn't have an ARMhf version.... right?