Help, how to attach a shield


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Ok So I am trying to get my shield (like a sonic shield) to attach to my character and follow.

Upon collision of item
Spawn Shield     - Easy

Getting shield to attach follow my actor around perfectly - Not easy.

I have tried the in built behaviour of follow but becuase I am spawning my actor I cant use this because it needs target setting in the scene,
I tried making a duplicate of my character and changing the sprite so its controlled the same as human input but between spawn and stuff it lags behind and for whatever reason does not really follow.
I tried getting my character position always and setting this to my shield but that didn't want to work and if it did it would lag.

Any ideas, I hope I am missing something here. creating all the sprites agin with the shield animation is an option but a lot of work.


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The way I got this to work was to create two game attributes  to  hold your players x and y values.  Set the game attributes to your players x and y values (I did this in a simple actor behavior that i attached to my player).  Then in a scene behavior do:

     set [ x ] to [x of player] for [shields]
     set [ y ] to [y of player] for [shields]
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Yeah, thank you. Did the trick