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Hello -
I was hoping someone could help me. I built a game in Stencyl 2 before 3 came out. I then tried to upgrade the game and it would not work. All of the behaviors did not work the same. Is there anyway to still publish this game under 2 for iOS or Android? Thank you in advance.



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If you post more information about the game not working with Stencyl 3 we can help. With Stencyl 2 you can still publish to Android but not with iOS any more as there is a 64bit requirement now.


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It's a basic 2-d game. For example,
1) The collision behavior of when the hero throws an object at a villain. Now, it does not register every time I hit the villain.  Sometimes, it registers, sometimes it doesn't.

2) The health pickup no longer works and when collided with, does not reload health for the hero.

3) There is now almost  a shadow of the object being thrown. When it's thrown, you have an object, but almost like a duplicate directly behind it.

4) Trying to get a simple left/right working on the game too. On the flash version, I can use the arrows on the keyboard. But, I'd like to have a simple left right (along with an attack/jump) button to move the character. This is the last thing I couldnt get to work, but stopped because of the other issues above.