Steel Seraph- An original game inspired by The Guardian Legend


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In a distant future, a civilization on a planet orbiting Barnard's Star braces itself for an invasion by an assortment of unidentified extraplanetary species. You play as Seraphine Letourneau, a test pilot performing a routine exercise for a major technological research and development company, testing an experimental personal flight device. When you encounter an armed scout ship and are forced to subdue it, you return to the planet, use your tools and combat expertise and set out on a quest to eradicate the threat once and for all.

"Seraphine Letourneau, Test Pilot R-1D79A. It is Day 234 of Cycle 100, April 17, 2299 of the Galactic Standard Calendar. I was on a training mission with an experimental device , which was interrupted by an invasion by an unknown alien force. After a battle with some of them that I managed to survive, I touched down to the city only to find out that they beat me to it. Now, the city itself is teeming with them and as one who can take the fight to them in a new way, with this new device, I seek to help restore the city, and the planet, as best I can before the invaders can do too much damage. End log."

---------Character Overview

Seraphine Letourneau- Your character, a test pilot for the tech company, Fauconvert. Trained in an assortment of weaponry and flight devices from her draft term in the Planetary Defense Force. Her capabilities will increase even more as she aids the fight to save her home planet of Hera.

Fauconvert- Your boss, who adopted the name of the company as his nickname and kept his regular name a secret. He controls one of the four main tech research companies in Hera, and one of the larger ones in the Federated Worlds. He provides most of your main missions, and provides navigation during challenges and descriptions of new upgrades acquired. In the Fidelity demo, he is in his headquarters right next to the Awareness Crisis Trigger. When your shield gauge is depleted, this equipment will heighten your reflexes enough to give the illusion that time is slowing down, for a duration of 10 seconds. It requires 10 Crisis Gauge (1000 shield units worth of item pickups, which won't be hard to come by) to fully activate.

Marc-Andre Printannier

He gives you the Surge Shot, a weapon that allows you to fire in any one of 8 directions, ignoring aiming constraints from air stages or strafing. It is essentially the Energy Ball from TGL with the serial numbers filed off.

Miriam Devora-Parker

She gives you the Drones, a companion item that fires with you whenever you fire the basic repeater. It has considerable, yet limited health.

Altair al-Fayed

He gives you the Tumble dodge tool. This doubles the distance of your dodge, but the extra distance is vulnerable.

In the demo, these last three NPCs stand stationary next to their equipment, in the southwestern area of District 12 (the current overworld).

(Default, can be remapped)
W, A, S, D or directionals: Move
Z: Fire Repeater

X, C, V: Fire special weapons
Q: Strafe
E: Dodge (While pressing a direction. You can also dodge by double tapping the intended direction. This dodge gives you a small period of invulnerability.)
Esc: Pause Menu
Ctrl: Map
1- Save
2- Load
3- Remap controls (will reload previous save at this time)

Fidelity- This will be the first air and ground stages of the game. This demo ends when you fight and defeat the Shutendoji, an ogrelike invader guarding the entrance to District 13 of Hera City from District 12. This is the demo as shown in the six month transitional.

Intensity- This will be a central hub with entrances to two air stages and two ground stages. It is designed to show off the later weapons, equipment and concepts in the game without spoiling too much of the game itself. It is already in development, but none of it is in the current demo.


The game as a whole is nine months in development.

Most of the art is still in development, and this transitional demo will have a lot of placeholders and unfinished sprites. This will change as development of the demo (and the game at large) progresses. My current artists are doing their best right now, and are responsible for the equipment icons and tiles already present. 

Art that's still in development consists of bullet sprites, enemy sprites, a logo, and a title screen. In addition, I'm working on applying remappable gamepad functionality.

Most recent transitional version: here

17 minute demonstration:


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nice. for some reason I get a real "Fester's Quest" vibe from it. :P


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 Here's the last version (possibly) of the game demo that needs to be ironed out before I go public with it.

*In district-sized areas, any wait time (2 seconds in areas that size) between pressing the map button and letting it go to the map will be indicated by "Switching to map mode. Please wait."

*White text is outlined for easier readability.

*The Drone weapon follows a bit further behind Seraphine.

*Duplicate button assignments no longer happen. If an already-assigned weapon is assigned to another key/button, it swaps with the weapon already on that button. If that other button was blank before the assignment, the weapon simply changes position.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find time to do the walls-closing-around thing for Shutendoji. I'll try to give post-demo bosses that treatment, and likely even it, in further development of the game.

Arrow keys or joystick DPad- movement
Z or left-side button- repeater
X/C/V or down/right/up-side buttons- special weapons 1-3
Q or left bumper/L1- Strafe
E + direction/double tap or right bumper/R1/d-pad double tap- Dodge
Esc or start- Pause
Ctrl or select- Map
1- Save
2- Load
3- Quick key config


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After nine days where I went to all-out war on the game's remaining issues and required improvements, I've managed to get it to a far more presentable state. I'm still going to hold out for Ken's remaining sprites before I publish the demo unless he's okay with me going ahead (or I've still missed a few spots), but this should be good to present at least here and the groups I normally update about the game.

Here's a video detailing all the changes (along with a description that credits people who've helped me along the way and lists the changes made).

I will register Stencyl before going public, and that will get rid of the 'trial mode' watermark.