Trouble Using Extensions

     Weird thing keeps happening. I tried to download and use a dialogue extension, and it downloaded fine. I unzipped it and followed the instructions on where to put what files ('dialog' folder in 'engine-extensions' and 'DataStructuresExtension.jar' and 'Dialog Extension.jar' in the folder 'extensions'), and when I look in my computer's Stencyl file, everything is there. But when I restarted Stencyl and looked in "Extensions Manager", there was nothing. This happened to me before when I tried to download and use the Crash Course package, with the files seeming to be in the right spot but Stencyl just not acknowledging them. Help?
     Any tips y'all can give would be hugely appreciated! Thanks.


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The way I have always done it is:

1) Download the extension
2) In Stencyl go to Settings > Extensions > Install Extensions
3) Point it to your download location
4) Restart Stencyl

Hope this Helps
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