Super Mario + FL Studio = Games


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Fruity Loops is to make music... and video games.

I love Classic video games and Fl studio so i made this mix, Play this Super Mario Mash up! ALL LEVELS ARE OPEN!

All graphics in this game were made with FL STUDIO, yes, the popular program to make music also works for graphics and animations.

Mario Loops into other parodies from Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 3, Mario World, and appear some power ups to let you play as Pac  Man, Link, Flappy Bird and others

All pixel are after Happy NES Reference

Use Arrows to move,
x to select level or action 1,
Space: Action 2 on space games,
Esc: go back to map from any minigame
Use your mouse to aim and left click to shoot on Duck Hunt FL studio version
Original music and sounds from Nintendo Classics thanks to

play here

Dont forget to check the Stop Motions made with FL STUDIO


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thats a really cool concept.. I've used fruityloops a bit back in the day.. so it was neat to see the mash up.