BREAKOUT DUNGEON / work in progress


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Press Any Key to activate the menu
press X to start the Demo Level

  -  move
UP  -  cast Spell
hold and release X  -  summon ball

I practiced painting the last weeks and mainly did renderings of blocks in different materials. I decided to make a little game out of it, and so i came up with this game here. It is nowhere near finished, but in 3 days i managed to get the basic mechanics and some art working. A lot of it just for eye candy, but looks good to me.  I want to implement more spells as upgrade/pickups soon to fit the fantasy settings.

Im really happy with it since i am not that good at programming. What do you guys think? Comments and/or feedback are appreciated.

To Do List:
menus (main menu, pause)
optimize controls
more brick types (sandstone, stone, iron)
spells (fireball, duplicate ball)
level map (5-10 levels)
decoration (skulls, torches, chests)
visual effects
overall color correction ( a bit dull atm)
sound effects / music
optimize performance/size


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I really love brick breaker games. Yours definetly look like something i could fall in love with, but there are few issues you have to sort first.  Ball does not react to player correctly, pretty often it does not matter how i catch the ball, it just go up under 90 degree angle and there is nothing i can do to change reflection angle.
When the ball is hits that thingy on the sides it often ends up trapped just flying over from side to side until the game ends.

Unfortunately i did not finished even first level couse of ball physics issues i named above, but as a lover of block breaker games im looking forward to see theese fixed and after long time have a joy with good brick breaker game.

PS: Are you planning boss battles like in old Brick Breaker Deluxe on old java phonses? I thing it would fit your setting perfectly.



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Hello Pyxelbit,

Nicely done! Compliments on the art.

I have to agree with Tryzna on the ball-behavior.
I realize that it is only three days in the project but you could make this into a fine game!

Also please give some information IN the game rather than in the forum-post or in Arcade screen.

You should start simple with a little bricks to get a feeling, but your effects and graphics are outstanding!

Please continue with this project!

Best regards from
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Pretty cool already! Better than the Broken block breaking game I made :)
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i agree, im still fiddling around with the physics. i tested it with a behaviour that is not physic based (like in the classic breakout) but it wasnt that much fun. im still thinking of what to do about the thingys on the sides. maybe i redraw them and change the angle or make them deflect the ball more like a bumper? About the 90 degree issue, when im moving and hitting the ball it changes a bit to the direction i am moving, doesnt that work? (not that good, i know)

thanks! i plan on doing a tutorial and/or ingame help, but first i need to fix some things.

thanks! i bet your code is 1000x better then mine :D


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gorgeous. good work.


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Looks very nice!