List interpretation bug?


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I've been trying to figure this out all weekend with no luck. This behaviour works completely on Flash but completely breaks on any other platform.

Basically I have a ghost system in place where when a player is creating a ghost how long they waited to jump is saved to a list. Platform's speed and initial direction also save like this. Upon death those lists are saved to a global list of the appropriate stat (eg. TimeWaited list is sent to TimeWaitedALL)When a player then plays against that ghost  it's supposed to jump along with the player reading that list (which is retrieved from the global list)

More details and code in this thread:,39402.0.html

Could it be a bug to do with differences in how Flash and other platforms interpret lists? Am I just doing something wrong?

I've attached the logs of Flash running through with no issue and windows running through and recieving the crash(No error is reported in the log viewer, I am forced to hard close it. Android results in a hard crash)


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Have you manages to solve this (as by the other thread)?