A Kamcord Extension


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Would love to see an extension which integrates the Kamcord SDK.


Would definitely increase game retention and build a community around a game.


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It looks interesting, although complex.  How do the results compare with image sharing?


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Not sure I understand your question.
From my understanding, Kamcord is a similar video sharing service to Twitch. However Twitch is mainly aimed at Desktop Games, and is only very slowly moving into the mobile space - last I checked its only in a handful of mobile games.

Kamcord right now is already in a few hundred games (listed on their website) which are getting more retention by using this service.

I have also noticed that Unity3D are also now offering video sharing from within games... From my research image sharing is mainly used to capture an event such as a highscore and sharing it with your friends, while with video, not only do you capture the game as it is being played, you also capture the audio that the player is saying / screaming etc...

Max Finch

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Actually from the looks of it this extension should be pretty easy to create an extension for.

The only problem is that openfl doesn't support importing .embeddedframeworks or .bundle files.

This api has a .embeddedframework, so until openfl supports importing such files I'm afraid this won't happen.

Which is a bummer because it looks interesting.