Tips for a Chiptune Beginner?

8Bit Pony

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(I wasn't sure where to post music related things, so sorry if this is in the wrong place!)

Hello. ^^ I'm currently trying to make chiptune/8bit music for my games, and seeing as I've just started, its a little... rough. XD
So I was wondering if anyone had any tips + tricks for me or any beginner in the chiptune area, Like what program to use, tutorials, essentials, ect.. anything. I'm currently trying to use FamiTracker which is good ( so far as I can tell) i've switched to PXTone, actually. :D It's pretty cool and easier to use.

If you want to hear something I've made I've attached it in this post.

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AWESOME! I l absolutely LOVE 8-bit music!  It is my favorite ever in the history of ever!
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