Support for Mobile Achievements and Leader-boards ??


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So the official Extensions page is frm 2013 and hasn't been updated in like a year. Many people who used to work back then on the extensions have now moved on, most extensions listed are obsolete.  I have tried downloading and trying all available extensions for basic things like a working joystick but failed to get something useful. I only get weekends for my projects so i want to utilise my time working on games and not struggling with the tools
Extensions List:,25982.0.html

Right now as we speak, supported starting with the current stable version of stencyl, is the any extension that lets me  have Live leaderboards for iOS and Android?

It is fine if there are separate tools for iOS and Android as long as they are effective.


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iOS has the built-in Gamecenter, and Android currently has no finished leaderboards.  A Google Play Games extension has been started here, but it isn't fully working yet.