Admob Error

I have a problem. Everytime I try to add in Admob, the android compiling finishes within 30 seconds and doesnt give me a file to save the .apk file in. If someone could help me that would be great! Comment, PM, or add me on Skype and I can show you the problem live.

Skype: EliteGamesIndustries


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I could perhaps help you if you posted your logs here.

Max Finch

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A standalone Admob API no longer exists for Android. It's now been included in the Google Play Services.

So you're more than likely getting an error resulting from that.


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so admob is no longer supported on stencyl?
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Max Finch

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Admob *might* still be supported using this extension, but there's a post by Google somewhere stating that thr standalone sdk for android has been depreciated and Google play services now includes the sdk.

In order for me or anyone else to know what's wrong with your build you need to post your logs.


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A lot of the pain in the past few days has been caused by our upgrade to Google Play Game services and ditching the standalone API's. Once this is all shaken out, things here should improve.