Ideas for Sound King 2_0?


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Hey guys and gals, as some of you may have heard Sound King 2 is currently under development. At this time I am Taking Ideas for added features and changes. So if you have an idea please let me know.

Sound King is an automatic sound and channel allocator. Basically Sound king can automatically find an open channel to play, loop, echo, and cross fade sounds and more. Additional details about the original sound king can be found @,35672.0.html

***Currently in the works***
*A game attribute no longer needs to be created (This now happens internally)
*Sound King no longer stops running after crash prevention enables.
*Custom Play Lists (savable) and blocks to control this.
*On The Fly Resource Usage Toggle
*Changes to many existing custom blocks.
*Sound King has been updated to use the map system (provides more control)
*Changes to the reserve channel system
*In order to "hopefully" go around a downloading bug from the forge regarding custom blocks contained within custom blocks, Sound King now triggers it's  own custom blocks (when needed) via code. Note that this has no effect when the custom blocks are used by you.

***Added custom blocks***

*Get channel for [sound]
*Get sound on [channel]
*Get name of sound on channel
*Sound is looping?
*Resource Usage getters & setters
*Get "time" for sound / channel (in seconds)
*Get volume for sound


*A while back, another stencyler had a great idea on a set of custom blocks that would allow for pitch shifting and other effects. If there is someone willing to help me with an example on how to do this, it would be much appreciated. Contact me either here or in my inbox for more details.

Thanks, PlaytheHnote.

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I did make a post a while about about adding sound effects (such as change pitch and tempo, add more bass or static), I don't know if you have the abilities to add that

Would it be possible to make a looping track that loops with an intro, like ABCDBCDBCD?


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You'll need to look at some DSP programming, mainly using the event. In 2.0 I got some cool filters working from this amazing flash work by importing packages:

also this guy has some incredible realtime dsp work also in flash:

Here's some pitch shifting stuff based on Andre Michelles work but also in flash.

Since we've switched over to haxe i'm not proficient enough to convert the source code for that. However all this stuff shows realtime dsp can work with a really small footprint in Stencyl. If we could take the above source and convert it to haxe and implement some custom blocks, i'm sure they'll be many many interested stencylers and would definitely open up a whole new area to explore.

Max Finch

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You could probably find someone to help you implement this library for pitch shifting