Pass through floors and walls! Help needed please


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Hi all,

Some very nice people have been trying to help me via personal message on this one. Ok I am not hot at 'coding,' even with Stencilys brilliant simplified system - but I have got a basic platformer working using the behaviours and attaching them to actors etc. It's been going fine - only I wanted to be a bit more imaginative and decided I wanted my characters to be able to jump up through platforms and walk through them. In this case it is to allow them to walk through things like low level window sils and jump up on them. It's become crucial to my overall style game play and design, but do you think I can get it to work?

Following are some screenshots to give you an idea of what we are talking about here Thank you for reading:


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Group should be platform, not tiles.

You said you played with advanced, what did you change?

Remove the two extra behaviors you wrote.

And something is really messed up because you obviously have a bunch of attributes from the blocks you showed, but only the two animation attributes are showing up in the behavior attached to block. If you have the code as events, switch it to one actor behavior so you can set the dropdown button and such.


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Hi Ceosol,

Thank you again for your help.

The Group has variously been platforms, tiles, actors etc. But have rechanged it to platforms which makes perfect sense to me, I've only changed through them in desperation to find something that works.

Anything I changed in Advanced settings I'm pretty sure I changed straight back.

The two extra behaviours (which I will explain in the next paragraph) were both disabled, do they still affect the game after that? Obviously in terms of memory I guess, but any useless code would be removed well before publishing...

As for attributes (which to be honest I have to keep reminding myself how they work) it began with the ones that were originally downloaded in the code. I've just replaced them (with the originals from the pack) in two places that I think are a problem and know have been changed, mainly they were changed because I was guessing they had to reflect the name of the animation...?
Again it was initially tested as provided because a lot of the other more basic behaviours just worked straight out of the box - lol - and trust me I don't change much once something works.

By following your observations I can get the character to stand on the blocks, which I've managed before, but the blocks kill him once he tries to walk through them. In other tests I've managed to make the blocks change animations I know because I had one as black and the other as pink in other tests once he walks near them.

Long story short I found another passthrough block code (called the Easisest way to jump up through platforms) during all this which has behaviours called Gravity and Gravity2, which worked fine in the downloaded game. Put the behaviours in mine and nothing, so I began rewriting them as they were with what I thought were some logical additions (ahem) which is what the additional behaviours are.  This is partly how I got myself in a mess, because it seemed there must be something so simple and basic messing this up. One behaviour which I cannot see any point in that I'm thinking is part of the problem is the On Ground behaviour. What does this do that doesn't happen in other behaviours anyway? I know for a fact when I first started the game most of the basics such as walking, jumping, stomping etc worked without it. I only added this behaviour because so many other people had it and it was mentioned in relation to the pass through code.

It's getting silly how confusing this is getting. I'm going to start a completely new game, chuck in all the behaviours re downloaded in their original glory and just see if I can get this one aspect working - and I might have a better idea what I've done wrong. I'm sure it's something simple and it's just this idiot at the keyboard who is cocking something up. ;)

Thank you again for your help, sorry this must be a real pain trying to helpa complete noob!