Mysterious Happenings


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Mysterious Happenings is a story-driven survival horror game that is best described as a fusion between Castlevania and Professor Layton.

Play the demo.


You play as a government official summoned to a remote town to investigate a series of disappearances (Stencyl Beta exclusive spoiler alert: It's vampires). The game goes through three cycles of day and night, each with its own boss. You are also a midget with a wooden leg. Also there are lots of plot twists.


Move left and right with A and D. Crouch with S. You can roll by moving left or right while crouching (This is very important for dodging attacks). Q and E cycle through weapons. SPACE pulls out your current weapon. LEFT CLICK uses the weapon, in most cases. Weapon specific controls below.
  • Knives - Press space to pull out your knives, and, unlike with your other weapons, throw them by releasing space. You can click while holding down space to pull out additional knives to hit multiple targets.
  • Axe - Press space to pull out an axe, and click to throw it in an arc. In the future, the axe will have a melee attack usable by pressing A and D with your weapon drawn.
  • Revolver - Press space to pull out the gun, and click to shoot. Aim for the head for instant death.
  • Lamp - Not implemented yet.
  • Shovel - Not implemented yet.


Standard Ghoul - The only enemy present in the current demo. Not too dangerous unless you get swarmed. If their claws don't get you, the lag will. ::)

Fast Ghoul - A ghoul that runs on four legs and jumps into the air when near the player, then descends with a slashing attack. The graphics for this enemy are done, I just need to code 'em.

Stealth Ghoul - A rather fearsome female ghoul that, while it will die in one hit from any weapon, is very fast and will break your character's neck as it runs past you. Also, it climbs on ceilings.

Crow - A plain old crow, under the command of a mysterious and unknown enemy. These buggers fly around and swoop on you and shit. Occasionally, crows carrying items stolen from the town shop will fly overhead. Shoot them hard.


A special thanks to Greg for helping me debug some shit and to a friend of mine who was in the beta at one point and who will probably want to be referred to as Harusakama who is doing the music for me. If anybody can contribute some sound effects to me, that'd be boss.

Yes, I am announcing this prematurely. Contests, though. What are you going to do.

Also, Staff peoples, I'd appreciate it if this game wasn't used in any promotional materials until I give the go ahead, which I'll do in a week or so once some tiles and background and things are completed. Thanks. Go Stencyl.


-There's a bug present where the game will freeze if you shoot into the ground at a certain angle. This has been fixed in a rather roundabout way for the next version.
-I haven't finished the death animation yet, so at the moment you survive even with an empty health bar.

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I actually really like the way the ranged attacks worked. Rotatable aiming is the best.


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Wow! VERY nice! The weapons are very cool, I especially like being able to throw multiple knives.

I think these are easily the best graphics in a Stencyl game by far, sorry everyone else!


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Yeah masked, I agree  that you're pixel art is very well done!

It looks like this is going to be a great game!
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Wow, this is great. o.o