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Check it out here:

-last minute addition of Newgrounds high score table
-uploaded soundtrack (free/pay what you want):

Please rate/review this game and all Stencyljam 2015 entries! It's been a blast! Go Stencylers!!! Dev log posts below....


Hello! I'm excited for Stencyl Jam 15, ready to work out a fresh/recent game concept I had kicking around. So, the idea is something of an Ecco the Dolphin-type game, but instead of a dolphin, you're a plastic bag. Possibly you speak to other non-recyclables while on a journey to rejoin your species on the great plastic bag island of legend.

Today I put together a splash screen and title with original new-age music. Also designed our hero (the bag), but will post that after I've got it in-game.

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UPDATE 05/04/15: The game is on Newgrounds at the above link!


And here we have our hero, BAG! Press Z to make BAG soar upwards. When you're underwater, the current will make BAG move to the right. If you're in the air, the wind will push you to the left. Touch some coral or ground, and BAG will get hung up.

Today's update:
-now with BAG!
-BAG animation, controls, reversible horizontal gravity, plastic sound effects, collisions
-aquatic tileset
-parallax bg
-splash animation

UPDATE 04/06/15
-prepangea splash screen
-title with "press Z to bag" instruction
-FISH! Little randomly colored guys with realistic bobbing action. BAG wants to take a closer look....can you BAG 'em all? Nothing happens if you do...but can you!? HUH!?
-made it so BAG can't fly off the screen, this is just for testing purposes, expect later versions to have some penalty for flying too close to the sun...

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UPDATE 04/19/15:

-new songs for title/alternate/bonus stage.
-TRASH! These majestic denizens will guide you on your quest....
-Trash talk screens with floaty text
-3 stages: one easy, one med, one hard
-Bonus stage: BAG and some fish have been caught in a water-whirlwind thing...don't get tossed out!


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UPDATE 4/20/15

-new levels (seven mains in total + bonus)
-flying creatures to bag up...
-bag every creature in a level to get all-clear bonus with SFX
-beat all the levels to see your stats/score (determined by retries, all-clears, enemies bagged, and total play time)
-new TRASH guys/dialogue
-a barnacle named BARN. Best stay out of his way!
-new tiles (spikies, shrubs, etc)
-credits/thank you screen
-semi trans black screen to make text easier to read


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UPDATE 05/04/15

lots of stuff for Newgrounds upload and probably (?) final version...

-Bag can talk! He has 'tude!
-new song (theme/title, stage clear, and ending)
-stage clear scene with better scorekeeping
-updated bonus level with baddies, new graphics
-perfect stage equals bonus level. (no deaths, all clear)
-combos with ascending sfx and scoring
-ending scene with credits...stay for the rock!
-tweaks to make each level clearable

....I don't know what i'm forgetting...i'm tired...thanks for checking out my game! Good luck to all entries! Go Stencyl!!!


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update 05/11/15

-newgrounds high score table implemented
-soundtrack (free/pay-what-you-want):