Stencyl freezes up when creating a new kit


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I have a computer with some troubles with Stencyl. When I try to create a new kit, it will not let me. It will freeze up and say "Saving..." forever.

Attached are my logs. It seems that when it makes a game, it tries to create a  file 'kit.xml' in that directory and freezes after it can't find it during saving. I have no idea how to fix it though. I have tried backing up my games and reinstalling Stencyl. I am now on build 8281, the latest as of this evening.

Anyone have any idea what to do>


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Its a bug I've had multiply times , it sounds strange but to solve give it a short name or just a letter like " A" and then it should work , then you can change the name in the games settings   .


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Fixed in the latest build.

This was only happening when creating a new kit. As a workaround to create a kit, you can create a game and then convert it with the Debug -> Game -> Convert item frmo the menu.