Alen the Alien for Stecyl Jam 2015 - Update * keyboard controls added *


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I dig Stencyl 3.3, Very stable...
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Holy Crapazoly.
I uploaded the glitchie file.
OK, Fixed.
 You can play this one. The first one I placed had a glitch that made it difficult to get to the next level. Good thing I played here at Stencyl, I placed the same file at Newgrounds.

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Hello buddy!
I think will be great if you add some keyboard support and some power ups, such as invisibility, super speed e.t.c. Anyway, nice job!


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Yeh, thought about it. Super busy keepin food on the table.
I still have some time till Stecyl Jam 2015 deadline. I may put some more work into it.

                                                       Everybody get past the first level ? ? ?

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Hey, I think its a really cool game - nice and mellow. But the controls are really bad. You may get negative reviews on NG from people raging. I would either take it off of NG or get keyboard controls in there quick.


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Twas designed for Android.

If I receive any Negative feedback from NG, I'll add up, dwn, lft, rght  keys.

But I do see your point.


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Where are all the entries for
Stencyl Jam 2015

Will NewGrounds list them after the entry deadline ?


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theres another 4 weeks to go until deadline.. some people will be working on their games longer. ive been working on my game for 3 weeks now and will submit/show it just before the deadline.


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  If I find a little time ( its rough being a new dad ) I'll make improvements.
                                                   ( rough finding time )
   Thanks everyone.


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Updated Keyboard Controls for New Ground Players