if i exceed the maximum file size, will i get a white screen


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Hi, so my game is 124 MB, which seems way too big, maybe I could make spritesheets for some of the characters, but I seem unable to add in any more backgrounds. If i add one more background, the screen goes white. Is this supposed to happen at a maximum file size, or is it a bug?


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I think that Stencyl is not powerful enough to go over 124 MB.  A large file almost always makes glitches.


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There was a weird glitch with my level that it showed the tile sets instead of the levels when I tested it. The reson for that is that the level was way too long. Don't try to exceed 200X200 tiles in your scene.


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Scene size has nothing to do with the size of your exported game. Scenes with over 10k tiles in width works just fine. The size of your game is mostly dictated by the amount of animations and sound files you use.
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