Testing shows empty spaces or camera locations not visible in build mode


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Hi Guys,

As I described in a recent post, my camera jumps to the top left hand corner of the screen when I test my games, even with the "follow actor" behaviour set to my main player.  When I test out levels that are not very tall, there are actually blank spaces created under what appears in build mode as the bottom of the screen.  See attached logs and screen shot for details.


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It looks to me like your scene is shorter than your screen size. I would suggest either making the screen size shorter (under Settings > Settings > Display), or making the scene taller (under the Properties tab).
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Thanks for the reply!  Can you please confirm what I think the rules are around this:

1) Scene size must be equal to or larger than screen size settings
2) Backgrounds must be exactly the same size as screen size, unless they repeat

This wasn't clear to me after working through the basic tutorials and Stencylpedia entries, so any clarification is appreciated!


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1. Generally you want the screen size to be smaller or equal to scene size.
2. Sounds correct. Might be different depending on what your background is like and the game.