My First Game GumBall Madness


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This my first game control the little robot collect the coins and avoid the Gumballs
use the arrow keys  to  move the robot
let me know what you think

here it is

here is a short video of it   

newgrounds link
             udated video
new video with updates
update 4-23
Made  a few more updates today added some more animations to bot
music for the title screen,high score,and it now tells you how many
Gumballs you have on the screen
video update

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Where is it on Newgrounds?


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Made some updates you can now tell where the next gumball will come out
also a new video


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I Like it <Clapping Hands> great unique first game :)
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I Like it <Clapping Hands> great unique first game :)
Made some more updates today title Screen music ,animations, high score