WRASSLING iOS and Android (Best New Games feature on iOS!)


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Hey guys, I have downloaded your game and played it today. It's real fun!
Did you post on some kind of a development blog etc. about the development of this game? I wonder things about how you've handled resources, dealed with the navigation inside the app or if you have done any off-stencyl adjustments to make it fit to multiple operating systems/devices. I think people here would really appreciate something like that; I think even a brief text about the development process would be more than enough. Wishing you the best of luck with your projects.

No we haven't written any development blogs etc, I'm not very good at finding the motivation for writing. Feel free to ask me any specific questions you have. We didn't use anything outside of stencyl, no code. We used Captain Comics Joint extension for the arms on the Wrasslers. I generally use the Screen width blocks to place all the buttons etc that way it fits on most devices with FullScreen Scale to fit. Stencyl handles all that stuff pretty well. There is not really anything very advanced in this game at all. Its just a simple funny mechanic that works well.