Network Checker Extension [iOS]


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Network Checker Extension [iOS].

Version: 0.9 [test version]

What is it?
Extension for checking if 2G, 3G, LTE or wifi connection type is avaliable and active on device.

Key features:
->4 simple boolean blocks to check 2G, 3G, LTE or wifi connection type
->Supports iOS 7+

->iPhone 5 (iOS 8.3)
->iPad mini retina 5 (iOS 8.3, non cellular)

Download links
->[version 0.9]:

Install instructions:,30432.0.html

Change log:
->[0.9]  (April 24, 2015) Test version release

I would appreciate any feedback about extension. Thank you.


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awesome! any way you could develop it for android as well?
keep up the good work!


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AAahhh.... i am lucky. This is an essential  extension for Mobile. Because without network checking if i call chartboost  video or Adcolony then game crashed. I think stencyl should take care of this type of extension. 

I am using iOS 9.1 in device, Mac EI Captain OS and it is working for me. no problem at all.

Thanks a lot aljosa.
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This is awesome! I'll use this for sure so definitely keep updating this. :)


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Could this work with Android in the future?


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Thank you for all responses for extension.  Regretfully i don't have much spare time working on extensions, but will look into android part for this extensions in near future.  :)