SIDESPLITTER - Entry for Stencyl Jam 2015


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I have made an entry for this year's Stencyl Jam which you can find here -

I have always been a bit of a high score junkie and wanted to make a game in the same vein. Stencyl allowed me to make this simple idea and run through with what I feel has been quite successful in developing considering it's my first game. I want to say thanks to all those who helped in the community forums as there were quite a few things (mostly about trigonometry) which I had trouble with.

Please take the time to have a go at my game and if you have a Newgrounds account you will be able to have your high score submitted to the NG Leaderboard on the page  (as well as earn a few medals along the way) so you can brag to the world about how good you are at SIDESPLITTER!


PS. Please feel free to leave any feedback you may have on the game as well. Thanks.