Vikings Short Life

Living like a viking may be very dangerous... So you need to be brave!
In order to face the most fearsome monster which is attaching your village, a true viking firstly needs to get drunk. Collect the hidromel mugs to increase your courage and boost your speed. Ride the mighty Owl and the slow Snail to achieve greater score. Get the legendary armor and run for your ultimate goal.
☆☆☆ Be a Viking ☆☆☆
✓Simple but super fun and addictive: How many hidromel mugs can you drink?
✓ Ride pets: Jump on the back of legendary creatures to achieve greater highscore.
✓ Collect power-ups: Some actions may trigger power-ups wich helps you win the game.
☆☆☆ Controls ☆☆☆
• Click in the logo or PRESS X to START.
• Click anywhere or PRES Z to JUMP and avoid obstacles.
• Click anywhere or PRES Z to FLY like flappy games when you are riding the Owl.
We did this game to participating of StencylJAM! Check out it and the other entries in:

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Love your artwork. Really cool.

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