Smashy Penguin

Hey everyone! Here's some info about my Stencyl Jam 2015 game entry;

Smashy Penguin is a Christmas themed,avoidance/survival game with endless game-play and (minimal) platformer elements added into the mix.In the game the player slides,bounces and dashes their way around the screen to collect gifts while avoiding gnarly ice-blocks.The game will include power-ups,progressively challenging game-play as time progresses and random surprises.

I'm currently spending the last few days optimizing the game,checking for bugs as well as adding additional graphics and game-play elements.Hopefully I can complete everything by the end of the upcoming weekend.

I've added a screenshot below which illustrates a bit of the game-play.


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Another great artwork!
Great job there.

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Awessome art =D! Can't wait to play it =D