Continuous platform generation - bad collision box


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Hey there.

I'm doing a sidescroller infinite runner game, and I can generate platforms at different heights and distance from previous platforms just fine. The platforms move to the left, and the player jumps through the gaps, normal stuff.

However there is a particular stage where I want the platforms to stick together as if they were one big platform, never changing the y position, but still want the effect of them moving left.

I have done the obvious, when needed, I create a new platform on x of previous + width of previous, so there is no empty pixel between them. But the thing is, the player always collides on this intersection, as if the second platform was a bit taller than the first one. I tried making different collision shapes to see if that annoying collision stopped, but it just keeps happening.

I've added an image showing how the collision boxes show up on debug drawing. The actor collides where both boxes meet.(Sorry, I wasn't able to take a screenshot with debug drawing on!)

Does anybody know how can I possibly deal with this situation? Thanks in advance.


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What if you create the new platform inside the old one by a pixel or two?
You said you changed the collision shape...of the player? What did you change it to? Circle?
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Hi there, thanks for the reply.  I just managed to try it out today.

Well, I created the platform "inside" the previous one, and the player doesn't get stuck in the middle of them, which is very good.

It still, however, changes to the 'falling' animation everytime. As if it stopped touching the ground at that point. It's still better than it was before, I'll keep trying to fix it! Thanks!


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having the same problem here. pretty sure theres a relatively simple solution though. xD . ill keep you posted