Shadow Fighter


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I spent most of April writing a dungeon generator for a roguelike. Though I got pretty far I realized it was going to take more time than I had so with about 2 weeks left I started on another idea.

You play a security guard patrolling various stages (haunted house, lab, etc.) using your flashlight to fend off monsters that rise from the shadows.

A design problem from the get go has been making the monsters read while also letting them appear and disappear into shadow. I made a vignette layer that adds to the atmosphere but can obscure the monsters too much. I considered making this a variable that changes but that's probably too much work.

Lately I've been working on boss fight rooms and dealing with unsuspected bugs. Like how the pause button stopped working or when things I thought I could put in update events go crazy and freeze the game.

I could use some feedback on cleaning things up. If anybody wants to check out what I've got so far I'd appreciate it.