Sensing collisions without producing a collision?


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Hello. I am creating an app in which you drag an actor into another actor and a new actor is created. I am having trouble making the collision work the way I need it to.  My scene is blocked off by terrain boxes also.. If that makes a difference. I have created a custom group called monster and set my first actor into that group. Only issue is this custom group won't collide with terrain? Is there a way to fix this?

Secondly I would also like to know if you can creat a group, for example 'monster', and set it to collide with nothing, would you still be able to sense a collision if you manually called for it? I need to know this cause I want to drag one actor from the monster group onto another actor of the monster group and have them check if it's colliding with one another, if it is, kill it and create a new monster. If I have collision on the monster group, I can't hover one monster over another though? Is there a way around this?

Hopefully that made sense but if you don't understand I am happy to try and explain it a bit better


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For the scond one, you can use sensors. ( you have put collision groups)