Saving a scene with multiple actor positions


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Hello, I have a game I made that is mainly contained in one scene, only one other scene exists and it is the upgrade store. The main scene works like a breeding app, animals spawn (let's say cats for the ease of explaining it) and when to cats have spawne you drag one into another and they both disappear to be replaced with a new kind of cat. This continues until you have some absurd monster cat. Everything is working fine but I can't figure out how to make the app save the position of the actors (cats) in the scene and what kind of actors they are (normal cats, level 2 cats, giant mutant max level cats)

Just to reiterate the scene starts with no actors on it and things spawn. I need to save what has spawned and where of possible

Hell O

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Hi, did you find a solution ? I can't find any. Thank you


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There’s a save game block I’m pretty sure.