the Next jump [stencyljam2015]


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Third place on stencyl jam 2015! :D
Thank you!
The game:

*Changes are listed on the bottom. [24/05/15]

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the NEXT jump is a turn based shmup with roguelike ingredients.

You are a pilot in pursuit of a Pirate Mothership that keeps its distance from you. To catch the mothership, you use "Jumps" to cross long distances... and inside those jumps hordes of pirates (each one with their movement pattern) try to kill you.

Its a game about learning patterns, the enemies and yours!

Controls are Mouse:
To move your Ship, click on the tile next to you.
To shoot click on the shoot button... and the same to punch.

Every move (click on the tile you wish to move) costs energy, every punch costs energy... every shot... Once you make your move, the pirates around you make theirs and so on.
But you can pickup energy and Scrap (money) from fallen Pirates.

When the jump is complete, a JumpGate appears and you can buy upgrades on the shop and then jump again...

I made everything on Stencyl 3.3, GIMP and Blender. Sounds are public domain and BFXR (site).
Thanks for playing! :]

Thank you for all the feedback and nice reviews! Also thanks for Newgrounds for putting my game on the first page! :D

I have spent the last days reading all the comments and improving the game, here is a list of major changes:

- Many Bugs and optimizations have been made. All the major problems that I could test where fixed and improved. The game should be faster now too.
- You can no longer do more than one action per turn;

New features:
- A notification system for your ship is in place now. Everytime you pickup Energy, Scrap or receives damage a colored number jumps out of the ship to inform you that;
- The enemy "spawn" system was refactored and improved to better scale the dificulty and better spawn enemies (without filling up the whole screen);
- A new type of enemy atack and projectile was created: A missile;
- Now when you die a list of your achievements is displayed, like how much scrap collected and how many Jumps you made. :]

- Some enemies had their patterns of behavior changed for the better. Especially those on the most advanced "jumps".
- Slightly better visuals for colisions.
- The player ship no longer receives damage for (two or more) enemy bullets occupying the same tile. Now it only receives damage done by ONE bullet, the other is destroyed.
- The jump Gate now appears in a "semi-random" place;
- Jump Gate now teleports every enemy that collides with it. Enemy "Bullets" are destroyed;
- Balance changes to the distance of the Mothership.
- Reduced the time of the "Turns Left inside Jump".
- Balance changes to the prices on the store.

-------- update 3 [24/05/2015]-------
This update, in theory, is the last update I will make to the Flash version of the game. Now that I have the Stencyl License (:D) I will further develop it into a full PC and (maybe) tablet game.
Expect way more variety in every feature and even totally new ones, like more playable Ships, way more weapons and upgrades, WAY more enemies... procedural stage generation... and more! :D

But I'm still going to maintain this version with bug fixes!

BUGs Fixed:
- The "no corner" collision bug is fixed!
- Made a attempt to fix a Bug where, when you die and try again, you could no longer move your ship.
- Now when you kill enemies on the boss stage, they drop scrap and coins.
- Made a attempt to fix a Bug where the jumpGate appears before it was time.

- Two new Upgrades: A SHIELD and a SCANNER! (let me know what you think about then!)
- Now Upgrading the Engine ALSO upgrade the Energy Conservation of the [WAIT] action.
- As the turns passes inside the Jump, the stars move faster! (its a small but nice touch)

- Engines are a bit more expensive now [125, was 100];
- The cost of the Energy is now lower [5, was 10];
- Upgrading the Energy Cap. and HULL gives you full Energ and Hull

Thanks again for all the feedback and let me know if you run into new bugs! :D


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The game is working on newgronds now.
I cant upload it to The Arcade, it says its too big. :/


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Congats on 3rd place!


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Updated the post with the lastest news and updates! :]