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Hi everybody, i just finish my new game for stencyl jam 2015:

Pandáctilo concerns who uses all his fingers, and that's just this game is, designed for learning or practicing the typing, you can digit letters on a game play, this is a fun way to test your skills at the keyboard.

In this game you're not going to lose, belive me, just play all levels again and again until you become a master PANDACTILO

We can learn something new or improve what we already know everyday.

The game contains typing exercises for rows on keybords, use hand by hand then both at time, check the cocodrile tips for posture and finger maping on keybord, unlock the endless mode per level to practice after practice after practice... you can also unlock a medal per level for your collection on Newgrounds

every level has a nice background from a cool place of the word, check´em all.

Play here


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I really like it.

I must say, the art is brilliant. I've always loved that style of artwork.

Great work.