Bubble Pop!


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I present my submission to Stencyl Jame 2015, Bubble Pop! Up on New Grounds now!


A very late start on this project due to other issues has left me with a game I'm fairly proud of yet still disappointed in.  The majority of this project ended up being done over the weekend with very little sleep and other obligations in the way. There's a few minor bugs, the presentation is lacking, but for learning a tool and pumping out something that is fun to play in just a few days, I'm very happy with it! No matter how I end up in the judging, I'm sure I'll go back to this a few days from now and fix up the things that bother me and make a phone version, where it was originally intended to be.

I welcome all feedback and criticism! For those of you much more familiar with Stencyl, I'd love to pick your brains on more efficient ways to do a few areas of the game.

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Its very late now and I need sleep. But I'll be sure to get this up on Stencyl arcade tomorrow. I'll also likely put up the source project for anyone that is interested.