My prediction for when the wii 2 comes out (Project Cafe)


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I made an image and posted else where and it probably could use more to it...

So yeah, after doing research on wikipedia that's how I found the dates the consoles were released...  At first they went with friday but then they changed it to sunday.  I did research for handhelds and they were also released on a sunday as well which is how I got the prediction to look at a sunday only...  I Also heard a rumor that it's coming out Holiday 2012 and they seem to kept Q4 of the year and lately liked releasing for a holiday (and handhelds seem to come out early in the year)...  My guess is November 18, 2012 as it falls at the right time.. It won't come out the week of Black Friday, bad time to release... 

I could be wrong but I'm sure I'm close to being right...  What do you think?


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I definitely see the correlation. Unless Nintendo decides to do something completely different for this "next-gen" console, I think you're right on the money.


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I'm looking forward too it.  However if the controller does have a 6 inch high def screen and all Wii features buffed past anything anyone else has (better than Move and stuff)...  how much is the controller going to cost?  And will there be two separate controllers?  I mean supposedly there's a traditional one with a screen but that doesn't handle itself well with movement like a Wiimote. 

It's all rumor though...