Placing an Actor? Can someone help?


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Hey, I am new to this and I am creating a Flappy birds game... Well anyways I can not place my ground on my background. Any Help?


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I am thinking that your ground is either disappearing because it's out of the screen or falling because of gravity.


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Try to create a new layer, move it to the front and click on it. Then try to place the ground/actor.


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Got it, y'all are awesome. Thanks!


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Hey Dayne , Welcome to Stencyl :) ! Yes ever since 3.3 you have to add another layer . I'm not sure why they changed it to be like that , it used to be you could just attach the background through its section of the scene(3.1) . This made it that you didn't have to add a new layer . Anyway just a tip , when your topic is solved go to your first post and click on the blue button that says " Modify " then add to the title " [Solved]" that notifis the mods to move solved topics to "Resolved Questions" . Well enjoy Stencyl  :) !