[IOS/Android] Google AdMob Extension [3.3.7][DEPRECATED]


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I have bad performance on any Android project live or testing.  Stencyl 3.4.0. Beta 3
I'm using banners only.
Game starts to lag  for 5 seconds,  I think  on update intervals it lags.  ( one actor that slide left -right lags, pressing actors and regions don't respond)
Block "hide admob banner ad " sometimes don't work, ad appears on next screen.  Also few time game crashes.
I tested on mobile and tablet, even on tablet it is not experience I would like to share with my users.

using 2 blocks  initialize and show/hide.
Do anybody have same experience?
any alternative for banners?


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Yes, I'm experiencing the same lag issue on android, I got to disable it.
I've already told to robin, I hope him could fix this issue.
I'm using facebook ads banner but performs badly in comparison to admob...

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